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NEW!!!  Social Justice web sites - Click on links on left side of page


NEW!!!! "Kids for Cash" follow up on Democracy Now!


Girls, Delinquency, and Juvenile Justice (4th edition) - Click on "books" on left side


Veterans in the Criminal Justice System - new research (click on "Veterans & Crime" on left side) and see my commentary


A must see - Why Washington is corrupt.


Crime Mapping in Los Angeles:

Within South L.A.'s killing zone, a haven from violence

   See also this interactive map of homicides:


Update: LA Homicide: South Vermont Avenue: L.A. County’s ‘death alley’


In the News


NEW!! Commentary on the Supreme Court Case continues (see my latest commentary):



NEW!! Studies Confirm the Dehumanization of Black Children and the ‘Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline’


NEW!! Christian School Targets 8-Year Old Girl for Not Being Feminine Enough'


NEW!! Merging schools with rival gangs creates problems in East LA


NEW!!  NRA opposition may sink Obama's surgeon general nominee


NEW!! A rather shocking video!



Two new commentaries by Mike Males addresses myths about kids:

         Only Certain Young Victims Matter; Millions of new dollars to fight Chicago "youth violence" -- but no new ideas


6 Companies That Make Their Money Ensnaring People In Our Prison System


An Update: Remains of 55 bodies found near former Florida reform school (for previous stories about this click on "Delinquency and Juvenile Justice" (above left corner of page) and scroll down.


How Private Probation Companies Make Money From the Americans They Trap in the Criminal Justice System


Excellent piece my Mike Males: CNN, “Experts” Reiterate the Press’s Ethic: It’s OK to Lie about Kids


Study shows increase in religious-related violence


Walking While Black - Basketball players again!


Half of all black men arrested, study shows:


Standing While Black: 3 Black Students Arrested for Waiting for School Bus

16-Year-Old Jailed at Rikers for 3 Years Without Trial


Two Poverty Related Items addresses big myths about the Poor


       Paul Krugman: A War on the Poor

      Dave Johnson: Six Myths About Food Stamps


The Public Health Cost of Gun Violence


Use of tough federal sentencing laws varies widely nationwide


New study reveals that rich kids make huge progress in educational attainment which poor kids fall further behind: No Rich Child Left Behind


Registry tallies over 2,000 wrongful convictions since 1989



Mentally challenged man freed 14 years after false confession


To all who watch CSI programs, read this: The Real CSI: How America's Patchwork System of Death Investigations Puts the Living At Risk


























Apartheid Schooling (5/24/14)


Court Rules that Plutocracy is OK  (4/23/14)


Eight year Old Girl Not “Feminine” Enough for Christian School (3/29/14)


What Goes Around, Comes Around




Being a Young Black Basketball Player is Dangerous to Your Health (1/19/14)


Standing While black (12/3/13)


The Storm Has Arrived: Veterans in the Criminal Justice System




Profits Over Kids (10/31/13)



Easing CA Prison Crisis via Private Prisons a Bad Idea (9/4/13)


Guns: A Reign of Terror, Part II (8/26/13)


Guns: a Reign of Terror (8/15/13)


War on Drugs and Race (6/10/13)



America is Ranked 29th in Child Well-Being




The Boston Bombings (4/23/13)



Meanness and Violence (4/18/13)



The rich get richer while everyone else struggles (3/4/13)



Debtor's Prisons Alive and Well (2/4/13)





Research Articles:

The American Legislative Exchange Council (11/16/11)

Punishment for Sale (11/7/10)

From Poorhouses to Jails: Same Function, Different Time (4/27/10)

Our Punitive Society (11/11/09)

Exit Exams, the Prison Pipeline and Getting Tough Anyway (11/9/09)

Conservative, Liberal and Radical Views of Crime (9/17/09) - revised and updated on 2/20/11