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Good videos: story of a 15-year old sentenced to 13 years for armed robbery:


End Solitary Confinement for Teenagers


America's War on Children: The Wealthy Scapegoat the Victims

Studies Confirm the Dehumanization of Black Children and the ‘Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline’

Juvenile Justice Reform in California

The following reports document the incredible changes happening in recent years:

Closing Down the CYA: A Series of Reports

Farrell law suit vs. CYA:

For more details see this: Juvenile Corrections Reform in California

Testimony of Dan Macallair:



Delinquency News

Are Zero Tolerance Policies Effective in the Schools? An American Psychological Association report.

"Mr. President (and Bill O’Reilly): How Did Trayvon Martin “Mess Up”?" by Mike Males

Mike Males exposes myths about teen violence: Another Round of "Knockout Game" Idiocy

Youth more likely to be bullied at schools with anti-bullying programs, UT Arlington researcher finds

Boy, 15, Kills Self After Facing Expulsion and Sex Offender Status for Streaking

Recession Drives Surge in Youth Runaways

8-Year Old Accused of Killing Father, Another Man 

Juvenile Arrest Data for 2007 published by OJJDP:

Adolescents, Neighborhoods, and Violence: Recent Findings From the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods. Click on this web site for full report and more:   Note that this study lends empirical support for the "Chicago School" perspective, especially that of "concentric zones" among other theoretical perspectives.

The Time Is Right to End "Zero Tolerance" in Schools


Staff Watches Over Empty Juvenile Detention Facility

3 in 25 juveniles in detention are sexually abused, study finds

Abuses at State Detention Centers (series of 3 stories)

Juvenile Detention in San Francisco

Arrested Development in L.A. County's Juvenile Detention System

The Dangers of Detention - new study in Wisconsin confirms prior research about detaining too many kids.

Dropping Out

Study Finds High Rate of Imprisonment Among Dropouts

Dropouts costing California $1.1 billion annually in juvenile crime costs

‘No Child’ law feeds dropout rate

Children's Defense Fund Study America's Cradle to Prison PipelineSM  Click on the following web site:

Truancy and street violence are linked, Baltimore study says

Speaking of Schools, see a review of Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools  By Diane Ravitch


NEW!! US Supreme Court Bans Mandatory Life Without Parole for Youth

The Unbelievable Brutality Unleashed on Kids in For-Profit Prisons

 Kentucky among nation's leaders in jailing children

Kids for cash judge sentenced to 28 years for racketeering scheme

"Kids for Cash" follow up on Democracy Now!

More states correct the mistake of trying juveniles as adults

Federal Lawsuit Reveals Inhumane Conditions at For Profit Youth Prison

Abuses in juvenile facilities.  A compilation of news stories:

    Updated reports:

Graves of youth found on Florida Reform School grounds

       An update on graves found on grounds of Florida reform school

And then there is this report that I found from a "60 Minutes" show in 2009:     Locked Inside A Nightmare

States rethink ‘adult time for adult crime’

Human Rights Watch Report: Custody and Control: Conditions of Confinement in New York’s Juvenile Prisons for Girls:

Children in the adult system: Caging Children

California to close its largest juvenile prison

"From Time Out to Hard Time: Young Children in the Adult Criminal Justice System." A study focusing on child offenders under 13 that end up in the adult system with excessive punishments.

National Initiative Keeping Youths Out of Jail

More calls for California to shut down its youth prison system

The Costs of Confinement: Why Good Juvenile Justice Policies Make Good Fiscal Sense.

NEW Update: Judges Sentenced Kids for cash

Another Scandal within the juvenile justice system: This one in Florida:  Boys school probe stirs painful memories

A small Louisiana town near Jena struggles with this question: Education versus Incarceration

Abuses reported in Mississippi training schools - report calls them "A Mississippi Gulag."  Go to this web site:

Same story, different century:  Study finds youth facility 'recipe for tragedy'

Another death at a Florida boot camp - read this and related stories: Boot Camp Deaths

Youth Prisons Don't Deter Crime - Juvenile Lockups Low, as are Offenses

Juvenile Justice

New!!! One of the most famous cases in juvenile justice history: People v. Turner (1870)

A little slice of history: He rode the 'Orphan Train' across the country

Juvenile Justice initiative in Illinois:

Flawed county system lets kids die invisibly

Supreme Court says strip search unconstitutional: Strip Search Case in Arizona

Scandal and reform: A familiar cycle in agencies that deal with juvenile delinquents

Latest Juvenile Court Statistics report:

Foster Children at Risk, and an Opportunity Lost

U.S. & Britain fare poorly in children survey

Story of the real team portrayed in the movie "Gridiron Gang": Camp's Juvenile Offenders Earn Chance to Play Football


Truancy and street violence are linked, Baltimore study says